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Questions about Healings for Our Ancestors

Dear Dorothy: I have been curious about ancestors. You always extend healing to them in your opening prayer. I don't think I understand how ancestors relate to us in the present moment. Are ancestors our own un-resolved pieces? Dorothy: I just LOVE your question.  One great place to go for an introduction to this topic is this video: Dear Dorothy: Thanks for the link. I checked out the video. I understand things to be a continuum. Changes made at a given moment change the whole, and this is how far I got. :) Dorothy: Yes, you got it. Our DNA is constantly changing and we can affect the direction of that change by uplifting the energy frequencies of the ancestors by interacting with them in such a way as to support their evolution. Since we are the expression of their immortality, any evolutionary progress we make reflects back to them as well. So, by helping them, we are helping ourselves, and vice-versa. We are recreating our bodies from the molecular level up to refl