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Sunset Healing on the Iowa Prairie by Dorothy Rowe


Searching for the Perfect Job: Follow Your Internal Compass

Please Dorothy, can you tell what I can do to help facilitate me to be in an ethical, caring, honest, kind and supportive environment? I am working in a company that is really without ethics and lies abound. Money is the only god here. I feel so bad that I need to be here as I don't want to support these principles. Please tell me how I can facilitate a change in a way that will not damage myself. My realm of expertise is the internal reality. I suggest that you find your stable center. Get your inner compass aligned with your highest potential. Then, check every moment against that. Aligning the inner compass is like tuning a string on a violin. The violinist must check three places: First getting the correct string in the correct groove. This is akin to the input of the physical body. The body thinks in terms of physical comfort in the present moment. To be at your best, being in a space of physical comfort is basic. The violinist then turns the peg at

For Those Who Prefer Solitude: How to Live in a Crowded World

I am often feeling as though I don’t want to be in crowds---they make me uncomfortable and I feel like I am drained of energy afterwards. I really prefer solitude, but often due to my work and life I have to be in crowds. What can I do? The Astral level of the physiology is the kavach, (shielding). If it is has been compromised due to illness such as viruses, bacteria, or parasites, this can make a person vulnerable to influences from the outside. It is said by saints that even the smell of a rotten bus can be the final stroke of experience that brings enlightenment. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi liked to say that even from the thorn, the hardest part of the plant, we can access the sap, the underlying reality which is present in both thorn and flower. All this universe is a reflection of Brahman, all is the play of Brahman, and you are all That. Even so, it could be your intense desire for enlightenment which is driving you always inward and making the outer experience seem like a bur

Dorothy Rowe - Lilac healing session