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A Woman's Sexual Power Can Support or Destroy a Marriage

Dear Dorothy:  I am a successful dentist in Los Angeles. Two years ago, my wife left me and taking our two teenage children with her. I was and still am completely crestfallen. What did I do wrong? My wife was everything to me. I loved and adored her. During the 19 years of our marriage, I was very happy, I would do anything for her, even though she sometimes seemed distant and unsatisfied. A year before she left me, she became very cold and started to make herself more beautiful - exercising and dressing up every day. Then came the divorce. She said that we were no longer right for each other, that we did not understand each other any more.  What happened? Do you think I can get her back? I miss my wife and kids so much. Dorothy:  It appears that your wife was cheating on you. I am sorry.  Her four dense bodies are gripped by the illusion that feeling loved is dependent on input from her environment, rather than the inner stability of her own Divine relationship with pure love
Free Energy Healing for How We Think about Ourselves  This is a selection from a healing webinar held on March 11, 2016 to support weight loss through energy healing. Energy healing is a method of intelligently directing attention to harness the natural evolutionary flow of creation in favor of a specific outcome. Consciousness loops in on itself to multiply an intention for the sake of manifestation. Together we are always more perfectly aligned with cosmic intention and powerful. I look forward to sharing this event with everyone. To learn more about Dorothy Rowe's energy work and live webinars, please visit To watch Dorothy Rowe's Buddha at the Gas Pump ( interview by Rick Archer see

What Happens During a Distance Energy Work session?

Dorothy: The sessions always start with a prayer of gratitude. This reminds me that I am not the healer. I am only the witness to the transformations which are orchestrated by the presence of God in each person and occur through an activation of the body's own innate healing mechanisms.  Although the group is often quite diverse with regard to age, country of origin, and specific concerns, each person receives precisely the work most pertinent to their situation. Why? Because one's own intelligence is viewing, analyzing, and healing the points of concern in a way which aligns with highest potential. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. Our consciousness is designed to make this happen. I understand that the medicines we take and procedures we undergo set a condition for the body's healing potential to manifest. Ideally the medicine or procedure communicates a state of wellness to the body. When this state of wellness is adopted by the body, then physical condit

The Hum of the Celestial Body - Foundation for Manifestation


You Are More Powerful than Curses or Viruses

Dear Dorothy : I have come under a spell from which I cannot be released under my own power.  I am desperate to come out of this and back into the light of God. Many know me as a very good, sweet and comforting person. This spell was successfully cast by a person I know, for no good reason Can you help me? I never imagined that I could be so completely blanketed that God would not or could not resolve a situation but that apparently is my situation. Peace, love and blessings to you. Dorothy : Thank you so much for contacting me and sharing your story. You sound like a very darling person. May your situation be resolved soon. I would like to start by offering this short video about clearing negative influences from your energy field. In my opinion, a curse goes two ways, both the giver and receiver must agree to the exchange. Therefore, when you are ready, you can choose to disallow this person to have the power to define you. Everyone is powerful in their own way, but no one has