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Healing Continues after the Session: Getting the Most out of Energy Work

Dear Dorothy , After a healing session I felt a lot of physical discomfort around my kidneys. I wonder if you have any insights?   Dorothy : ​I t is entirely possible that the work your god presence was doing on your behalf during the healing session was pulling some old stuff out of the body. From my side I see a need to increase self love and self trust. I think that the body got into a habit of mistrusting your soul, due to abuse in the past. Sometimes when this happens it takes intentional work to regain that trust. The  Big Hug technique  will help, but also sending your love to specific areas of the body (the kidneys) will help. You can use your hand chakras. Put them on the front of the abdomen and send the love medicine through the body to the kidneys. It could be too awkward to try to put the hands on the back for any length of time.  I also have the intuition that it would do you well to talk to the body. Tell it that you love it. Feel the love into

Living Life True to Your Own Nature: Your Personal Rules May Not Make Sense To Others

Dear Dorothy, I avoid violence on TV and in movies because I have a sensitive nature and feel my role in the world is to help create peace and be a healer. But my family likes this type of entertainment a lot, especially my husband who I only get to be with in the evenings. Often I end up watching these shows so that we can be together. They keep me up past my bedtime and the violence makes me feel awful afterwards. I feel traumatized after an evening of movie viewing. I really need to spend time with my family but what can I do to protect myself? Dorothy: The combination of fatigue and exposure to pointless violence can definitely create havoc in the system.  Almost all children are aware of this, but for a variety of reasons most lose this sensitivity as they go into adulthood. A large portion of our adult society is not tuned into themselves with genuine sensitivity and therefore doesn't register the effects of this behavior on their body, mind and emotions.  The fact tha