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Healing for Eyes and to Alleviate Eyesight Fatigue


Dharma, Duty, and the Heart

Dear Dorothy,  I'm praying for the Divine to use me for Her purpose.  Does Divine Mother "care" WHAT I do--meaning, does She care if I an attorney or a dance teacher , etc ? Or is it that She cares only that it comes from love, and that I'm happy doing it?
In Gratitude

Dorothy:  My perception is that Mother Divine wants to experience and express through you regardless of the particular activity at hand. Even if you are a lawyer six hours a day, She wants to be integrated with your activities the rest of the day too. Therefore, what ever you choose will be perfect.
On the topic of Dharma, (one's life duty) you will know that you are doing what you are meant to do when it benefits yourself as well as others, supports spiritual growth, you have the skills and resources to do it easily, you get more energy from that activity than you spend. When you think about doing a particular job, how does it make you feel? Is the idea exciting? Does it meet your particular requirem…

Differences between Energy Healers

Hi Dorothy, 
When I first read your biography on your website, I felt very strongly that we may have seen the same healer. Did ******** help you with your health concerns years ago? If so, this is the same person I told you about who cured me of Lyme disease. I just had to ask because it was coming through so crystal clear, and I have not been able to shake it. Perhaps I am completely wrong, but I had to ask. :) 
Blessings. Dorothy 

Yes, I saw ******** in 2008 when I was really quite ill. I was experiencing subtle perception at that time but hadn't put 2 + 2 together to realize that my ability to perceive energy was a key to self healing. When I saw him it was in a large group at the local public library. I was aware of the energetic forms accompanying him which were activating healing transformation for the meeting participants, including me. These values of intelligence could penetrate the body and were shifting energies around to help myself and others heal. Since I could see i…

Looking at the Finer Levels of the Manifesting Process