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How to Use Your Hands to Heal

Dear Dorothy,  I have often heard of people healing with their hands. Is it possible for me to learn how to do this? Dorothy:   Absolutely! We all have powerful healing chakras in the palms of our hands. This is one of the gifts of being in a human body. You can use the energy that emanates from the center of the palms to support healing in any part of the body which is in pain or other need of support. The process is simple. Here are the steps: Place your hands a few inches away from your body near the afflicted area. Here you will be touching the etheric body, which is holding most of the pain. Allow your attention gently to be in the area of your heart. Ask lovingly that the presence of the Divine within you produce the quality of energy required to heal the body, or body part. Feel the awakening of this energy in your heart area. When the heart is very full, use intention to direct that energy from the heart chakra down through the arms and out from palms of your

Reflections on 10,000 Views of My BATGAP Interview

Three months ago, Rick Archer interviewed me on Buddha at the Gas Pump . Today, I noticed that this video has now logged 10,000 views. Wow! Thank you to everyone who watched the interview  and who has shined the light of their brilliant consciousness in my world! When Rick was interviewing me, those of you who were watching literally upheld one of the most exalted, powerful, well informed and spiritually awake spaces I have ever experienced.. It was a complete joy to do that interview. Rick made me feel so at home, safe, and comfortable, while pushing me to bring out the best, and deepest points that I could. Rick had asked me to come on the show about a year earlier, but I resisted for a long time. it is very interesting how I ended up there. I had been quietly developing my healing skills for several years and using those skills to help a few people a week. This activity was not only very enjoyable and fulfilling but was providing our family with a small secondary inco