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The Spiritual Heroes of Las Vegas

We were in Las Vegas last weekend offering energy healing workshops to the delightful spiritual community in that area. It was inspiring to comprehend the great stability and dedication of the Las Vegas spiritual community joyfully upholding the light of Divinity for this city. 

Las Vegas is best known for its amazing entertainment---world class shows, five-star restaurants, architecture unlike anywhere else on Earth, and of course an opportunity to "strike it rich" in the casinos. 

People come from all over the world to enjoy American exuberance and to test their chances in the casinos. In the casinos anyone can be a winner. Winning is based upon the subtle attributes of karma, luck, timing, and confidence. Relative features of individuality are not as important as these more subtle aspects.

The question of how one has the good fortune to win is at the foundation of Las Vegas' fascination. Although gambling is considered by some to be a morally questionable activity, the i…