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How to Move Energy to Help the Heart


Healing for Auric Fields of the chakras and Integration of Being with Morphic Fields

Overview: Understanding structure of the auric field of a chakra. Clearing for the outer layer of the auric field of all seven body chakras.Integrating Being with morphic fields in order to support healthy order in the auric fields of the chakras. 
Clearing a deep sadness. There is a feeling of something which is so, so sad, and with that a feeling that nothing can be done. Hopelessness. This feeling isolated from circumstances is located in the heart. It is a feeling which has been held in the family consciousness for many, many generations. Looking at the structure of the auric field of the heart. In this area there is a form of self which enables the feeling of great sadness and binds it with hopelessness.
It is the outer skin of the auric field of the heart chakra, where the energy of your personal heart space meets the world. Here there are receptors and connectors which interface with the field of life around the body, and the body's energetic filtration system. This sy…

Manifesting Prosperity for Humanity - Full Webinar


Healing for the Etheric Body

Overview: Integrating individuality with universality. Healing for ethericbody. This healing is activated as you read it.
Thank you to the Mother of the Universe for blessing this healing. Thank you to each participant for being the precious expression of the Source of All That Is. Thank you to the ancestors. Coordination between the individual consciousness and universal consciousness (the laws of Nature) are responsible for the health, or lack thereof in the body. Looking in this healing to improve the communication within the field of consciousness, and between consciousness and the body. Now clearing from the channels of communication: hopelessness, misunderstanding, digressions, distractions. Under that, clearing intense emotions, frustration, attachments to assumptions and expectations. Clearing identification, and egoic structures associated with ideals of what one "should" be or "could" be. 

This clearing is taking place on the grounds of collective body intelli…

Healing for the Heart

This healing is activated as it is read.

Breathing an integrated sense of self through the sacred space of the heart. Just softest breath through theheart chakra and the sacred space behind theheart. Forgiveness is flowing into sacred gardens of theheart between yourself and those with whom you danced the dance of karma and co-dependence throughout the history of the soul. 

When a person experiences a difficult situation, particularly the sort which lasts for years or decades, it is always for the sake of learning a crazy difficult lesson extremely thoroughly. It happens when the refinement of theheart is so great, and the development of the intellect is so high, that a simple glazing over of the lesson will not satisfy. We come back to our greatest challenges because the soul is looking for thorough understanding. These two things: understanding and surrender, are the keys to rising above the most intense suffering. 
Through the heart chakra, an integration between the three main energy…

Brain and Sensory Purification - Clearing Feelings of Unfulfilled Desires


Healing Physical Space Through Energy Work

Places can experience good or poor health, just as people do. Places can get infected with molds and other unhealthy microbes. Locations can become depressed. Physical locations can also hold heavenly light. Gardeners are especially good at creating spaces with very special feelings. 

Past impressions often contribute to the energetic structure of a particular location. Sometimes these impressions are left by experiences of people in that area, but any type of life form can leave an impression, even non-material life forms.

These impressions reside as living presences in a location until the energy required to initiate evolutionary transformation is introduced. As humans, our consciousness is endowed with the ability to traverse an amazingly broad spectrum of energy realms. Intuition allows almost everyone to sense the feelings and impressions which reside in a particular location.

In the same way that a gardener creates sacred or holy energy in a space, it is possible to uplift the e…

Healing for the Nervous System


Empowered Self Healing Webinar with Dorothy Rowe - Session Two


Empowered Self-Healing Webinar by Dorothy Rowe - Session One


Energy Healing for the Las Vegas Tragedy


Energy Healing for the Las Vegas Tragedy


The Role of Negativity and the Solution of Balance

It is the unseen enemy, the one that hides in the subtle realms of creation, which causes the most trouble. It is also this "enemy" which has tremendous potential to liberate life from suffering. Commonly hidden imbalances grow slowly into the subtle layers of self, such that they go unrecognized and can even feel familiar. 
Because the whole universe is ever evolving, we can surmise that everything, including negativity, exists for the sake of evolution. Even when something breaks apart or is destroyed, inevitably, a new structure forms. The result is an evolved form which includes all that was good in the past nurtured by the creative innovations required to evolve through dynamic transformation. Negativity supports powerful growth by being that springboard upon which a new generation of innovation is founded. 
Personal karma determines how and when negative experiences will manifest. It determines how prepared you will be when a challenging situation presents itself. Energy…