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You Are Important -- A Healing

This healing is activated when read. You are important.  What you experience is important.  The reasons that brought you to be in a human form are important.  Regardless of what anyone at anytime thinks or says, know that your existence in this present moment is the means by which the Light of the World is knowing Itself as this Multiverse. For all practical purposes, there is only one experience of this Light, and each of us is living it, each of us is a different facet on the crystal of this one reality. Loving every nuance of this experience opens the door for grace to find expression in life. The presence of grace binds the individual experience to cosmic evolution. It ensures success beyond expectations.  Everyone is basically thoughtful, compassionate, sensible, innocent, and wonderful. Your very existence on Earth is itself your permission slip, your ticket to the freedom of choice necessary to allow you to live a life of  knowledge,  exquisite he

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Description of Our Astral Body


Suggestions for Heavenly Sleep

Dear Dorothy: Do you have any suggestions for better sleep? Dorothy: Healthy rest is one of the four pillars of life, along with a good diet, appropriate exercise and activity dedicated to the well being of oneself and others. Aligning even one of these pillars with one's full potential will reflect favorably on all the others. Since we spend a third of our life sleeping, it makes sense to ensure that this time is spent wisely. Here are practical tips for getting the most out of your night's sleep: Before the days of electricity, it was common to retire and rise with the sun. Many people today no longer abide by this rule. However, our bodies have not forgotten their connection with the natural world. Our circadian rhythms are naturally attuned with the cycles of day and night. If we honor this natural attunement by aligning our sleep patterns with our circadian rhythms, maximum benefit will be gained from the night's sleep. So aim to be in the bed no la