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Never Too Late to Redefine One's Purpose in Life

Dear Dorothy, Recently I've embarked on a journey through the dark night of the soul.  I feel as though I've grown a long this way achieving much in life yet now face many troubles. Earlier traumatic memories are resurfacing and health issues are mounting.  These challenges have come at what seems a critical juncture, since I am turning 60 and need to become clearer about my life purpose.  This has sent me into a tailspin resulting in anxiety, panic attacks and discouraging thoughts that I am damaged goods and won't be given a second chance in life.   Dorothy :  Thank you for sharing your insights into this tremendously dynamic time in your life. According to Ayurveda, an ancient system of natural health care, the age of 60 is just leaving adolescence and many decades of useful, productive life can follow. Much can be accomplished in life and in the world with 60 years of accumulated wisdom and experience. I know that most of our ancestors and most of society t