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Cultivating Relationships: Human and Divine

How can I encourage other people to like me more? People don't like you because of your intelligence, talents, skills, beauty, possessions, or power. People like you because of how they feel about themselves when they are with you. If they like who they are when they are with you, they will always want to be with you. The person who gives, experiences their own heart rising in waves of love. The person who receives, has the power to enhance the giver's experience of overflowing love, by receiving graciously. So, who gives the greatest gift: the one who gives objects, information or service, or the one who gives the opportunity for expansion, and refinement of the precious experience of loving? Both givings are valid. When we give to others, we are really giving to ourselves, for giving allows the heart to flow. Anyone in a human form has achieved the incredible status of a creator in the field of the relative. Even if the reality they have created is not to our liking,

The Deeper Meaning of Our Challenges

Why do bad things happen to good people? I feel I have lived a good life but I am losing my sight. I'm almost blind from my left eye and the right eye is also suffering and doctors cannot find a way to stop the blindness process. My experience with this and other situations like it, is that your body and spirit are working together for your evolution. In this case the system has decided to bring the sense of sight back to silence, transcending activity. There is nature and there is Nature. Behind the beauty in the natural world, there is the Nature of Being itself, the structuring intelligence of the natural world. This reality is the directional aim of your soul. Your body is trying to help you by taking your sight within. Knowing this, you can proactively move toward your goal, and free the body from having to self-sabotage. There is an organ in the Causal Body which will promote the growth of new tissue in any part of the body. Knowing that this organ exists is the

Basic Questions and Answers about Energy Work

Basic Questions and Answers  about Energy Work by Dorothy Rowe Distance Energy Work Website What happens in a healing session, Dorothy? Really your Divine presence is doing the healing. The thing is that two eyes are better than one. So, when one is looking at one’s own stuff, it is the eye of God in them doing the looking. When I open my eye and look from my perspective, then two eyes are looking and depth perception is created. Additionally, this eye, has years of experience helping people overcome imbalance, and manifest their desires. So, I offer my understanding and perspective to yours, thus enhancing your ability to promote evolutionary change in the way that suits you best. I totally trust that your Divine intelligence knows you best of all, and knows exactly how to carry out the healing process, for you, with grace. Why do different healers practice so differently? Everyone’s healing style is unique, each is a Divine gift. I do my best to exerci