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Self-Definition and Self-Love

Dear Dorothy: I have a relationship with a spiritual mentor and friend who is very dear to my heart, which has been causing me a lot of emotional distress for quite some time. This has to do with my attachment to her and my sensitivity to how she sees me. I am wanting to learn how to give love and connection to someone I treasure without wanting it back in equal measure.

Dorothy:  Regarding your friend and mentor, I wanted to say that this situation sounds very similar to  several situations that I had experienced in the past. I finally followed them back to my relationship with Mother and then to my relationship with God. In this process, I became empowered to trust only myself to define who I am. Never, never to define myself through the eyes of anyone else, ever. This was deeply liberating. Also, not identify myself with any of the roles which I play in life: mother, wife, teacher, student, etc, etc. These are only hats worn by Divine intelligence. Ultimately, Divinity is all there …

Angelic Healing for Feelings of Unworthiness


Love Is the Currency of the Universe


A Flow of Divine Light is Constantly Moving into the Body


Turning Insults into Cosmic Flowers

Dear Dorothy: You said that nature is trying to help me grow by bringing into light what I have repressed so I can expand and grow. And that to do so, I should interpret the message in the highest interpretation for my spiritual growth. I don't think I understand how to do this, or what this is. Lets say my sister tells me I am selfish. So the message is that I am selfish. What is the highest interpretation of this message? That indeed I am selfish and I need to be more selfless? That just feels like self-hate--which I have plenty of already :(
I know that this feeling that I am a bad person, who is unlikable, is just a story, a miserable story that I developed in this lifetime with my miserable family. I can see that in transcendental experiences which I can access.

The problem is that when I have to deal on the material plane with human beings, I feel that I don't quite know how to do things right, and if people get angry or upset its my fault. I find human relationships incre…

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Healing at the Pacific Ocean for Our Ancestors


Healing for the Pacific Ocean and the Waters of the Earth


Using Negativity to Create Positivity - Step by Step Process

Dear Dorothy: After my first consultation with you, for nearly 24 hrs, I felt well on most levels for the first time in over a decade.  Then my body and mind went back to the familiar set point of increasing symptoms, gradual decline and worry despite my best attempts to support that shift.  Can you speak to that experience, i.e., why such a strong, positive response that I could not maintain to at least some degree?

Dorothy: The positive response to our private consultation was your Divine Intelligence showing how quick and effortless the transformation to health can be. Evidently one day was all your intelligence needed to record the feeling of robust health. This feeling is used as a blueprint to structure the path to health. It is a tool or blueprint, for total physical restructuring. 

The process is very simple:
Mentally compare the feeling of being ill with the template of health experienced in the private consultation. Let the distress of the current situation shape, by way of con…