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Using Anger as a Tool for Emotional Liberation

Dear Dorothy : You talk about how the environment reflects our stuff---the issues that we may have repressed and stuffed away in a closet.  So for example, I may have chosen not to express anger, and so it has gotten repressed and is in my energetic baggage. I have tons of repressed anger, I think that's why am experiencing physical challenges. Dorothy:    I can sympathize with the tendency to resist expressing anger. I did this most of my life until it caused a miscarriage. Frustrating situations were compounding. I was so afraid of hurting other people's feelings that I kept working harder to accommodate everyone. My liver got too hot. I was bleeding too much, and couldn't stop because of the heat. Baby died and I ended up in the hospital. It was awful. More painful than my live births.  The baby was my teacher. She showed me that anger is sharp. It points internally to that which requires attention. The discomfort of anger draws awareness to inner locations whic

Questions and Answers from Weight Management Program Participants

Dear Dorothy:  I am finding this to be a very profound journey with many subtle changes. One noticeable happening is my dreams at night - non stop - very involved and many. I am just observing and telling myself during the dreams that these are just clearings/past life I believe, as I recognize no one- but there are feelings attached and I have been requiring more sleep each night, Is this correct? Dorothy: Taking more rest is always good. At this time of year when the seasons change, especially, most people need more rest. The fact that you are naturally doing this displays a good attunement between your physical body and the rest of the being.  It is not unlikely that integration of the work we are doing together happens during sleep. This is a natural time for the body to heal and for the nervous system to integrate the important events of the day. The intense dreaming is certainly a reflection of the dynamic changes which are happening now to restructure the new you.