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You Are Important -- A Healing

This healing is activated when read. You are important.  What you experience is important.  The reasons that brought you to be in a human form are important.  Regardless of what anyone at anytime thinks or says, know that your existence in this present moment is the means by which the Light of the World is knowing Itself as this Multiverse. For all practical purposes, there is only one experience of this Light, and each of us is living it, each of us is a different facet on the crystal of this one reality. Loving every nuance of this experience opens the door for grace to find expression in life. The presence of grace binds the individual experience to cosmic evolution. It ensures success beyond expectations.  Everyone is basically thoughtful, compassionate, sensible, innocent, and wonderful. Your very existence on Earth is itself your permission slip, your ticket to the freedom of choice necessary to allow you to live a life of  knowledge,  exquisite he

Weight Loss Healing to Dissolve Discordant Feelings in Fat Cells


Description of Our Astral Body


Suggestions for Heavenly Sleep

Dear Dorothy: Do you have any suggestions for better sleep? Dorothy: Healthy rest is one of the four pillars of life, along with a good diet, appropriate exercise and activity dedicated to the well being of oneself and others. Aligning even one of these pillars with one's full potential will reflect favorably on all the others. Since we spend a third of our life sleeping, it makes sense to ensure that this time is spent wisely. Here are practical tips for getting the most out of your night's sleep: Before the days of electricity, it was common to retire and rise with the sun. Many people today no longer abide by this rule. However, our bodies have not forgotten their connection with the natural world. Our circadian rhythms are naturally attuned with the cycles of day and night. If we honor this natural attunement by aligning our sleep patterns with our circadian rhythms, maximum benefit will be gained from the night's sleep. So aim to be in the bed no la

Questions about Healings for Our Ancestors

Dear Dorothy: I have been curious about ancestors. You always extend healing to them in your opening prayer. I don't think I understand how ancestors relate to us in the present moment. Are ancestors our own un-resolved pieces? Dorothy: I just LOVE your question.  One great place to go for an introduction to this topic is this video: Dear Dorothy: Thanks for the link. I checked out the video. I understand things to be a continuum. Changes made at a given moment change the whole, and this is how far I got. :) Dorothy: Yes, you got it. Our DNA is constantly changing and we can affect the direction of that change by uplifting the energy frequencies of the ancestors by interacting with them in such a way as to support their evolution. Since we are the expression of their immortality, any evolutionary progress we make reflects back to them as well. So, by helping them, we are helping ourselves, and vice-versa. We are recreating our bodies from the molecular level up to refl

Using Anger as a Tool for Emotional Liberation

Dear Dorothy : You talk about how the environment reflects our stuff---the issues that we may have repressed and stuffed away in a closet.  So for example, I may have chosen not to express anger, and so it has gotten repressed and is in my energetic baggage. I have tons of repressed anger, I think that's why am experiencing physical challenges. Dorothy:    I can sympathize with the tendency to resist expressing anger. I did this most of my life until it caused a miscarriage. Frustrating situations were compounding. I was so afraid of hurting other people's feelings that I kept working harder to accommodate everyone. My liver got too hot. I was bleeding too much, and couldn't stop because of the heat. Baby died and I ended up in the hospital. It was awful. More painful than my live births.  The baby was my teacher. She showed me that anger is sharp. It points internally to that which requires attention. The discomfort of anger draws awareness to inner locations whic

Questions and Answers from Weight Management Program Participants

Dear Dorothy:  I am finding this to be a very profound journey with many subtle changes. One noticeable happening is my dreams at night - non stop - very involved and many. I am just observing and telling myself during the dreams that these are just clearings/past life I believe, as I recognize no one- but there are feelings attached and I have been requiring more sleep each night, Is this correct? Dorothy: Taking more rest is always good. At this time of year when the seasons change, especially, most people need more rest. The fact that you are naturally doing this displays a good attunement between your physical body and the rest of the being.  It is not unlikely that integration of the work we are doing together happens during sleep. This is a natural time for the body to heal and for the nervous system to integrate the important events of the day. The intense dreaming is certainly a reflection of the dynamic changes which are happening now to restructure the new you. 

Healing Continues after the Session: Getting the Most out of Energy Work

Dear Dorothy , After a healing session I felt a lot of physical discomfort around my kidneys. I wonder if you have any insights?   Dorothy : ​I t is entirely possible that the work your god presence was doing on your behalf during the healing session was pulling some old stuff out of the body. From my side I see a need to increase self love and self trust. I think that the body got into a habit of mistrusting your soul, due to abuse in the past. Sometimes when this happens it takes intentional work to regain that trust. The  Big Hug technique  will help, but also sending your love to specific areas of the body (the kidneys) will help. You can use your hand chakras. Put them on the front of the abdomen and send the love medicine through the body to the kidneys. It could be too awkward to try to put the hands on the back for any length of time.  I also have the intuition that it would do you well to talk to the body. Tell it that you love it. Feel the love into

Living Life True to Your Own Nature: Your Personal Rules May Not Make Sense To Others

Dear Dorothy, I avoid violence on TV and in movies because I have a sensitive nature and feel my role in the world is to help create peace and be a healer. But my family likes this type of entertainment a lot, especially my husband who I only get to be with in the evenings. Often I end up watching these shows so that we can be together. They keep me up past my bedtime and the violence makes me feel awful afterwards. I feel traumatized after an evening of movie viewing. I really need to spend time with my family but what can I do to protect myself? Dorothy: The combination of fatigue and exposure to pointless violence can definitely create havoc in the system.  Almost all children are aware of this, but for a variety of reasons most lose this sensitivity as they go into adulthood. A large portion of our adult society is not tuned into themselves with genuine sensitivity and therefore doesn't register the effects of this behavior on their body, mind and emotions.  The fact tha

Never Too Late to Redefine One's Purpose in Life

Dear Dorothy, Recently I've embarked on a journey through the dark night of the soul.  I feel as though I've grown a long this way achieving much in life yet now face many troubles. Earlier traumatic memories are resurfacing and health issues are mounting.  These challenges have come at what seems a critical juncture, since I am turning 60 and need to become clearer about my life purpose.  This has sent me into a tailspin resulting in anxiety, panic attacks and discouraging thoughts that I am damaged goods and won't be given a second chance in life.   Dorothy :  Thank you for sharing your insights into this tremendously dynamic time in your life. According to Ayurveda, an ancient system of natural health care, the age of 60 is just leaving adolescence and many decades of useful, productive life can follow. Much can be accomplished in life and in the world with 60 years of accumulated wisdom and experience. I know that most of our ancestors and most of society t

How to Use Your Hands to Heal

Dear Dorothy,  I have often heard of people healing with their hands. Is it possible for me to learn how to do this? Dorothy:   Absolutely! We all have powerful healing chakras in the palms of our hands. This is one of the gifts of being in a human body. You can use the energy that emanates from the center of the palms to support healing in any part of the body which is in pain or other need of support. The process is simple. Here are the steps: Place your hands a few inches away from your body near the afflicted area. Here you will be touching the etheric body, which is holding most of the pain. Allow your attention gently to be in the area of your heart. Ask lovingly that the presence of the Divine within you produce the quality of energy required to heal the body, or body part. Feel the awakening of this energy in your heart area. When the heart is very full, use intention to direct that energy from the heart chakra down through the arms and out from palms of your

Reflections on 10,000 Views of My BATGAP Interview

Three months ago, Rick Archer interviewed me on Buddha at the Gas Pump . Today, I noticed that this video has now logged 10,000 views. Wow! Thank you to everyone who watched the interview  and who has shined the light of their brilliant consciousness in my world! When Rick was interviewing me, those of you who were watching literally upheld one of the most exalted, powerful, well informed and spiritually awake spaces I have ever experienced.. It was a complete joy to do that interview. Rick made me feel so at home, safe, and comfortable, while pushing me to bring out the best, and deepest points that I could. Rick had asked me to come on the show about a year earlier, but I resisted for a long time. it is very interesting how I ended up there. I had been quietly developing my healing skills for several years and using those skills to help a few people a week. This activity was not only very enjoyable and fulfilling but was providing our family with a small secondary inco

Sunset Healing on the Iowa Prairie by Dorothy Rowe


Searching for the Perfect Job: Follow Your Internal Compass

Please Dorothy, can you tell what I can do to help facilitate me to be in an ethical, caring, honest, kind and supportive environment? I am working in a company that is really without ethics and lies abound. Money is the only god here. I feel so bad that I need to be here as I don't want to support these principles. Please tell me how I can facilitate a change in a way that will not damage myself. My realm of expertise is the internal reality. I suggest that you find your stable center. Get your inner compass aligned with your highest potential. Then, check every moment against that. Aligning the inner compass is like tuning a string on a violin. The violinist must check three places: First getting the correct string in the correct groove. This is akin to the input of the physical body. The body thinks in terms of physical comfort in the present moment. To be at your best, being in a space of physical comfort is basic. The violinist then turns the peg at

For Those Who Prefer Solitude: How to Live in a Crowded World

I am often feeling as though I don’t want to be in crowds---they make me uncomfortable and I feel like I am drained of energy afterwards. I really prefer solitude, but often due to my work and life I have to be in crowds. What can I do? The Astral level of the physiology is the kavach, (shielding). If it is has been compromised due to illness such as viruses, bacteria, or parasites, this can make a person vulnerable to influences from the outside. It is said by saints that even the smell of a rotten bus can be the final stroke of experience that brings enlightenment. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi liked to say that even from the thorn, the hardest part of the plant, we can access the sap, the underlying reality which is present in both thorn and flower. All this universe is a reflection of Brahman, all is the play of Brahman, and you are all That. Even so, it could be your intense desire for enlightenment which is driving you always inward and making the outer experience seem like a bur

Dorothy Rowe - Lilac healing session


Cultivating Relationships: Human and Divine

How can I encourage other people to like me more? People don't like you because of your intelligence, talents, skills, beauty, possessions, or power. People like you because of how they feel about themselves when they are with you. If they like who they are when they are with you, they will always want to be with you. The person who gives, experiences their own heart rising in waves of love. The person who receives, has the power to enhance the giver's experience of overflowing love, by receiving graciously. So, who gives the greatest gift: the one who gives objects, information or service, or the one who gives the opportunity for expansion, and refinement of the precious experience of loving? Both givings are valid. When we give to others, we are really giving to ourselves, for giving allows the heart to flow. Anyone in a human form has achieved the incredible status of a creator in the field of the relative. Even if the reality they have created is not to our liking,

The Deeper Meaning of Our Challenges

Why do bad things happen to good people? I feel I have lived a good life but I am losing my sight. I'm almost blind from my left eye and the right eye is also suffering and doctors cannot find a way to stop the blindness process. My experience with this and other situations like it, is that your body and spirit are working together for your evolution. In this case the system has decided to bring the sense of sight back to silence, transcending activity. There is nature and there is Nature. Behind the beauty in the natural world, there is the Nature of Being itself, the structuring intelligence of the natural world. This reality is the directional aim of your soul. Your body is trying to help you by taking your sight within. Knowing this, you can proactively move toward your goal, and free the body from having to self-sabotage. There is an organ in the Causal Body which will promote the growth of new tissue in any part of the body. Knowing that this organ exists is the