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How to Get Rid of an Infection

Here is a little exercise to get rid of an infection. No reason for it to stick around! The process works like this: When your body detects a cold virus, the good bacteria in your body take a sampling of the DNA of the virus, which is kept in an archive. This video at minute 3:52 through 6:00 (about 2 minutes) explains. Based on their analysis of the virus DNA, the bacteria produces a protein (CAS9), which eliminates the virus from within the body of the bacteria. The virus DNA sample is kept in an archive so that immunity to that particular virus will, hence forth, be maintained.   For the average person, overcoming a cold takes seven to ten days. Other infectious diseases can take longer or shorter amounts of time. However, your Divine Self can provide resources of wisdom and energy to your helpful bacteria to greatly speed up this process. Here are the steps: Sit quietly, or lay down if you feel really awful. Keep pets in another room, as t