Healing Depression with Energy Healing


In energy healing, depression is approached from the causal body. It is not merely a mental or emotional disorder. Depression includes an ancestral and microbial component.

Energetically, depression and suicide are emotional cousins to cancer. They grow stronger in the presence of negativity. This means that attempting to destroy them directly doesn't work. 

Most of the time we experience thoughts. This means that awareness is stationed in the active area of the mind. When the mind is engaged in a thought it is contracted into the field of meaning. 

The Problem:

The seed of depression and suicide reside at a very deep feeling level of the mind. I call this level the causal body. Awareness expands when it moves from the surface to the depths. From the perspective of the the thinking mind, depression and suicide appear to be so big. They are systemically distributed through the subtle field of impression and feeling. 

From a superficial perspective, depression always gets the upper hand. The thinking mind is dwarfed by these feelings. One cannot 'fight' depression because it grows in the presence of negativity. The main tools of depression is illusion. Logic is powerless against illusion.  

Often unresolved anger is a contributor to depression. Anger is a force of power which arises when a big change is needed. If we ignore the need for change, the anger can build up. If the body becomes overwhelmed by the build up of anger, big problems can occur internally. Best to recognize anger early, and direct the energy toward evolutionary change. 

The Solution:

The solution is to position awareness with the Source of creation. There are many ways to experience the Source of creation. Energy healing integrates this experience. When it is integrated, it is available always. From the perspective of Source, everything in the created universe is limited and therefore small. Depression and suicide cannot stand up in the face of Divine Being (Source). The light of your infinite Source reveals the truth behind all illusions. It cleanses imbalances, impurities, falsehoods. It creates balance. 

The light of your Divine Source uplifts the world through dharma. Dharma applied to depression and suicidal feelings reforms them as supporters of life, rather than destroyers of life.

The Gut Connection: 

Your microbiome creates about 50% of the neurochemicals which support a healthy mood. It is very common for people with depression to also have problems with digestion. 
For this reason, depression can be reduced by attending to the health and especially the diversity of the gut bacteria. 

In 2013 this wonderful exercise for promoting gut health was gifted to me through my work. https://www.distanceenergywork.com/digestive-mastery-protocol/ I offer this to everyone to promote maximum well being of the digestion. 


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