Shoulders, Arms, and Wrists - Home Healing Practice

We manipulate the physical world with our words and hands. The root of this activity is the fifth chakra - Vishuddha. The shoulders are the first extension of this energy center. They are our platform for touching the world. The responsibility of action rests in the shoulders. The shoulders therefore represent our initial intentions behind action. 

Energy of the 5th chakra integrates the wisdom of the heart and knowledge of the head. Integration of wisdom and knowledge meets capability in the Vishuddha chakra. This is how we use the tools of speech and action to support evolution. 

Each joint from shoulders to fingers represents a phase of the Divine Dialogue. All major joints in the body are expressions of the Vedic Agamas. Each agama has four parts: ceremony, life style, spiritual practice and knowledge. These four phases correspond with the four phases of the gap and the four pillars of dharma

  1. Spiritual practice - Tapas (non attachment) - Pradhvamsa-Abhava (diving into the gap)
  2. Knowledge - Satya (truth) - Atyanta-Abhava (silence within the gap)
  3. Ceremony - Karuna (compassion) - Anyonya-Abhava (dynamism within the gap)
  4. Life style - Satwa (purity) - Prag-Abhava (re-emerging from the gap) 

The right side represents external resources and outward stroke of the flow of intention. The left side represents our inner resources, and the reflective stroke of the flow. Each joint, going toward the hands, is one step closer to the manifestation of the original intention. 
  • Shoulders - Responsibility, resources, strength, ancestral foundation, fundamental beliefs.
  • Elbows - The capacity to expand and extend to the goal, development of ideas and resources, the ability to coordinate between oneself and others (hugs). 
  • Wrists -  Practical aspects of realizing intention: plans, timing, coordination, alignment with the environment, etc. The wrists are the point where the single intention expands to the multiplicity of details which bring the plan forth. 
  • Hands - The junction between vision and reality. The magic of organizing from consciousness, and realizing the vision.


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